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Components of Golf Fitness

When trying to interpret fitness testing results, it is important to have an idea of what are the relative importance of specific fitness components. To help in determining what components of fitness, such as speed, endurance, strength etc. are important for golf, I made this rating list, which asked readers to rate the different components of fitness on a scale of one (low) to five (high).

This poll is no longer online (results below), but there is a more comprehensive survey of the important factors of success in golf, which you can add your opinions. Also have a look at another recent poll asking for the single most important fitness component for golf.

Apart from skill (which would be the most important ability), the relative importance of the physiological parameters listed in this table differ in their contributions to making a champion golfer. A certain amount of aerobic fitness is important to maintain adequate health levels, and to reduce fatigue over long tournaments and busy playing schedules, while strength, power and flexibility are important in adequately performing the golfing stroke.


The higher the rating, the more important people considered that component to achieving success in golf. Looks like everyone believes you have to be flexible for golf, which is true, but is it the most important physical attribute? Strength and power were not far behind, and a combination of these can all be put together to make a great golf swing.

Rating Table

component rating  
flexibility 4.0
power 3.8
strength 3.6
aerobic fitness 3.5
agility 3.3
speed 3.2
body size and composition 3.1
anaerobic fitness 2.7

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