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Bando is relatively unknown, and can best be described as a sport which has some similarities to hurling, hockey, shinty and probabaly has common origins with bandy. There are records that indicated that the sport was first been played way back in the 18th century in Wales, becoming popular in the 19th century.

There is not much known about bando because there is no documented list of official rules for the sport. From the little information that is available, bando is regarded as a team sport.

Each team can consist of as many as 30 players. A game is played in a large rectangular field similar to that of a hurling field. There are two marks on both ends which essentially serve as goal lines. Players use a stick with a curved end to play the game, like a field hockey stick, and the ball used is also similar to that of a ball used for field hockey. The objective of the sport is to score goals by striking the ball through the goal lines.

Bando is a dying sport that is hardly ever played through the year even within Wales. The only occasion in which bando is currently being played in some parts of Wales is as a tradition during Easter.

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