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Three-Team Cricket

A new format of cricket has been announced by South Africa Cricket that has mystified many cricket fans around the world. In this format, three teams play a single match, each team taking turns playing the other two.

The game comprises three teams of eight, competing in a single 36-over match. Each team bats for a total of 12 overs, the first six they face one opponent, and later they face the other team for another six overs. The teams rotate between batting, bowling and the waiting in the dugout. Another interesting rule in this format is the last-man standing rule, allowing the last not-out batter in each side to continue the innings on their own. This batter can only score in even numbers of runs.

The new format will make its debut in South Africa on June 27, 2020, in an exhibition match. We are keen to find out how it goes, and whether it will have the desired effect of reigniting the cricket fans after the downturn due to the corona-virus.

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