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Badminton Equipment & Facilities

Badminton is a unique sport, which requires specific equipment that is essential for play, including rackets, birds and clothing accessories, as well as a suitable playing area and net. See a discussion of essential equipment for badminton.

Badminton Court Dimensions — details of line markings, net height and court dimensions plus more.

Rackets — Rackets are used to hit the bird. It is shaped like a tennis racket and has strings, but weighs much less. Most rackets are made from light man-made materials such as aluminum or graphite, and are strung with synthetic material such as nylon. The frame of the racket, including the handle, is not to exceed 680 mm (26.75 inches) in overall length, and 230 mm (9 inches) in overall width. The overall length of the head is not to exceed 290 mm. Read about the 3 types of badminton rackets.

badminton racket and shuttlecocksbadminton racket and shuttlecocks

Shuttle, Shuttlecock, Bird, Birdie — whatever it is called, it is badminton's version of a tennis ball. It has a small ball at the front to give it speed, and feathers protruding from it to help it float when it is hit high into the air. An official shuttlecock must have 14-16 feathers and are usually made from a goose or duck and from the left wing of the bird only.

Shoes — special court shoes are worn to allow players to move quickly across the court, and to give them traction for quick movements around the court.

Accessories — In addition to shoes, rackets, shuttles, and a net, there are a number of badminton accessories that players like to use.

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