AFL terms


A behind, worth one point, is awarded when the ball is kicked, handballed or otherwise taken over the line between the large goalpost and the smaller goalpost.

Drop Kick

A kick of the football where the ball hits the ground at or just after impact of the foot. This technique is not used in the modern game.

Free Kick

A free kick is awarded after a mark or after an infringement by an opposition player. The player awarded a free kick can stop and take a kick without being tackled.


A goal is awarded when the ball is kicked through the two large goalposts. It is worth six points on the scoreboard.


A handball is the alternative to kicking as a way that the football is passed to another players. The ball is held in one hand and punched with the other to project it towards the other player.


A 'mark' is awarded when the player catches the ball on the full after it has traveled at least 10 meters.


The team with the most points at the end of a game is the winner. Six points are awarded for each goal, and one point for each behind.


Winner of the Grand Final (premiership)

high kick long kick in action

Torpedo Kick

A kicking technique where the ball travels through the air in a spiral action

Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon is the unofficial title for the last place team at the end of the regular AFL season. (see winners of the wooden spoon)

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