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AFL Draft Camp Results 2000

Here are a small selection of fitness testing results from the 2000 AFL draft camp, held at the Australian Institute of Sport from September 20-24. See also top draft camp results for a top performers from each year, and other results from most recent years testing. The results below are the only ones that have been found so far. See a list of the 108 players invited to this draft camp.


This selection of results are not necessarily the best performers.

20m sprint

20m Shuttle Run (Beep Test)

Vertical Jump - Michael Bradshaw 75cm

Agility - Jordon Mc Mahon 8.16 (best at draft camp), Chris Newman 8.26 sec

Running Vertical Jump (cm)

Hand Span: Corey Ah Chee 27.5 cm (largest at camp)

Arm Length: Dylan McLaren 85.8 cm

Bench Press: Dean Buszan 135kg (best at the AFL Draft Camp).

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