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Combine Rating Score

At the AFL draft combine prospective AFL players are put through a battery of tests (see Description of Tests). The top results for most of individual tests over the last 10 years are known, though it is hard to compare the performance of players overall. In about 2010 the AFL developed a 'combine rating score' system to allow comparisons between players.

The scoring system was developed by Kevin Sheehan and Brady Rawlings, and is based on the results of eight tests: 20m sprint, agility run, standing vertical jump, running vertical jump (off right and left feet), beep test, kicking test and clean hands test. The raw scores from each of the tests are converted to a rating out of 60.

The system assigns a numerical value to the test scores recorded by players at a combine. The score is out of 60, and includes 20 points from the skills component (10 points for each of the kicking and handball tests), and 40 points from athletic testing (speed, agility, power and endurance worth 10 points each).


The rating system was first used at the AFL Under-16 State Combines in 2011. Here are the top 10 scores from the Tasmanian and South Pacific U/16 Combines (scores out of 60): (list from

  1. Eli Templeton (Burnie, Tas) - 42.9
  2. Ben Killalea (Lauceston, Tas) - 42.5
  3. Tommell Raidinen (Nauru, South Pacific) - 41
  4. Seniol Hermon (Samoa, Sth Pac) - 40
  5. Kade Koladjashnij (Launceston, Tas) - 38.4
  6. Kurt Heatherly (New Zealand, Sth Pac) - 38
  7. Max Lavia (Papua New Guinea, Sth Pac) - 38
  8. Marcus Lee (South Launceston, Tas) - 37.9
  9. Gipeon Simon (Papua New Guinea, Sth Pac) - 36
  10. Ryan Dowling (Clarence, Tas) - 35.8

Estimated Scores

The formula used to calculate the combine rating scorfe can be applied to previous draft camp combine results. In 2010, Essendon's Dyson Heppell scored an impressive 46.8, with Gold Coast's Dion Prestia recording a 42.4 As the skills tests have only recently been added, it is only by estimating scores for the Buckley and Lloyd tests that results from before 2010 can be calculated.

Here are a few estimated scores from past combines: 

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