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2019 International AFL Combine

Here is information and some results from international Australian Football combines in 2019. There were combines held in the USA, New Zealand and Europe throughout the year. These international combines use the same tests as conducted at the AFL Draft Combine.

Europe 2019

The 9th annual European AFL combine was held in Dublin, Ireland in December 2019. There were representatives from the AFL clubs of Adelaide, Brisbane, Essendon, Geelong and Melbourne. The top four rated Irish prospects will be flown to Australia to train in front of interested clubs in April 2020 and another two will be tested at the 2020 NAB AFL Draft Combine in October. There was also the first-ever women's AFL Europe Combine held after the men's. 13 players tested at the women's combine.

Highlights (men):

Highlights (women)

Geraldine McLaughlin was the fastest in the 20m sprint (3.22sec) and agility test (8.56sec). Sarah Houlihan, was the best in the Yo-Yo test reaching level 18. Other good results were from Lauren Magee (3.40sec for 20m sprint and 16.7 in the Yo-Yo) and Jenny Higgins (3.40sec for 20m sprint, 17.5 in the Yo-Yo). Vicki Wall placed third in the 20m sprint (3.36sec) and fourth in the agility test (9.33sec).

New Zealand 2019


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