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2017 International AFL Combine

Here is information about international Australian Football combines in 2017. There were combines held in the USA, New Zealand and Europe throughout the year. These international combines use the same tests as conducted at the AFL Draft Combine.

Europe 2017

The 7th annual European AFL combine was held in Ireland in December 2017. Twenty-three of Ireland's best underage Gaelic footballers were tested at University College in Dublin, Ireland


USA 2017

The annual USA AFL combine was held in Los Angeles in May 2017. Eighteen athletes from around America were tested at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Cole Walton (Sacred Heart), 207cm
Cullen Russo (Fresno State California), 203cm
Le Mon Gregory (Lamar, Texas), 203cm
Stephen Bennett (Texas Southern, Texas), 202cm
Nelson Kohler (Colorado State University, Colorado), 201cm

Drew Martin (Concordia-Portland, Oregon), 2.85 seconds
Saadiq Muhammad (Georgia), 2.90 seconds
Zach Lillie (Emmanuel College), 2.92 seconds
Tavario Miller (Texas), 2.93 seconds
Cullen Russo (Fresno State, California), 2.96 seconds

Stephen Bennett (Texas Southern, Texas), 90cm
Clarence Williams (East Carolina, California), 88cm
Cullen Russo (Fresno State, California), 86cm
Zach Allman (Vanguard University, California), 86cm
Drew Martin (Concordia-Portland, Oregon), 85cm

Stephen Bennett (Texas Southern, Texas), 356cm
Clarence Williams (East Carolina, Carolina), 353cm
Cullen Russo (Fresno State, California), 352cm
Marquis Cunningham (Arkansas Pine Bluff), 352cm
Zach Allman (Vanguard University, California), 350cm

Drew Martin (Concordia-Portland, Oregan), 80cm
Devon Walker (Troy University, Alabama), 78cm
Nelson Kohler (Colorado State, Pueblo), 77cm
Cole Walton (Sacred Heart), 76cm
Zach Lillie (Emmanuel College), 75cm

Saadiq Muhammad (Georgia), 25.37 seconds
Rand Rowland (Georgia Tech, Georgia), 25.57 seconds
Tavario Miller (Texas), 25.85 seconds
Zach Allman (Vanguard University, California), 25.86 seconds
Keith Jumper (Pfeiffer University, North Carolina), 26.09 seconds

Zach Lillie (Emmanuel College), 8.30 seconds
Keith Jumper (Pfeiffer University, North Carolina), 8.40 seconds
Deonte Hearns (Louisiana), 8.45 seconds
Saadiq Muhammad (Georgia), 8.52 seconds
Tavario Miller (Texas), 8.53 seconds

Rand Rowland (Georgia Tech, Georgia), 11 min 23 seconds
Devon Walker (Troy University, Alabama), 11 min 27 seconds
Drew Martin (Concordia-Portland, Oregan), 12 min 17 seconds
Stephen Bennett (Texas Southern, Texas), 12 min 20 seconds
Bola Olaniyan (Alabama), 12 min 26 seconds

New Zealand 2017

The New Zealand AFL Combine was held late in April. The leading 40 athletes involved with the AFL New Zealand high performance program were invited to attend. The highlight was 18-year-old Mykelti Lefau recording the best results in three of the five tests undertaken.

20m Sprint top 10

Rank Name Score
1 Mykelti Lefau 2.92
2 Isaac Piper 2.92
3 Josh Mackie 2.99
4 Carlos Donnell-brown 2.99
5 Declan Crann 3.00
6 Joshua Morgan Ranui 3.00
7 Misilifi Faimalo 3.02
8 Maxwell Hicks 3.02
9 Manny Snooks  3.03
10 James Dakin 3.04


Rank Name Score
1 Declan Crann 7.90
2 Isaac Piper 8.03
3 Mykelti Lefau 8.03
4 Carlos Donnell-brown 8.07
5 James Dakin 8.13
6 Josh Mackie 8.26
7 Misilifi Faimalo 8.30
8 Maxwell Hicks 8.41
9 Jonah Christians 8.41
10 William Kempt 8.50

Standing Vertical Jump

Rank Name Score
1 Misilifi Faimalo 84
2 Mykelti Lefau 79
3 Isaac Piper 78
4 Joshua Morgan Ranui 76
5 Carlos Donnell-brown 74
6 Maxwell Hicks 73
7 Manny Snooks  72
8 Declan Crann 70
9 Hari Below 66
10 Josh Mackie 65
  Bailee Laurenson 65

Beep Test

Rank Name Score
1 Douglas McJorrow 14.3
2 Mykelti Lefau 14.1
3 James Dakin 14.1
4 Carlos Donnell-brown 13.6
5 Josh Mackie 13.4
6 Jonah Christians 13.1
7 Maxwell Hicks 12.8
8 Wade McNabb 12.4
9 Maxwell Milne 12.2
10 Ronan Morling 12.2

Also, the first AFL New Zealand Women's National Combine took place at the ASB Sport Centre in Wellington on Friday April 21st.

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