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2016 International AFL Combine

Here is information about international Australian Football combines in 2016. We have details about combines in the USA, New Zealand and Europe. These international combines use the same tests as conducted at the AFL Draft Combine.

USA 2016

The USA AFL combine was held at the Velocity Sports facility, Redondo Beach Los Angeles, with18 AFL hopefuls. The results included the tallest player ever tested in AFL history - Basketballer Stanislas Heili measured in at 212.3cm. This placed him ahead of American Mason Cox who measured 211.4cm when he attended the AFL combine in 2014. Records were also broken in the running vertical jump.

Top Combine Results

Stanislas Heili (Lindenwood University) – 212.3cm
Devontae Watson (Temple University) – 206.5cm
John Cannon (UNC) – 206cm 

Absolute running vertical jump (right leg)
Khaliq Spicer (Kent State University) – 368cm
Devontae Watson (Temple University) – 364cm
Omari Gudul (Angelo State University) – 357cm 

Absolute running vertical jump (left leg)
Shane Henry (Virginia State) – 371cm
Jamal Hunter (Jacksonville State) – 356cm
Austin Lewis (McNeese State University) – 354cm 

Vertical jump
Shane Henry (Virginia State) – 84cm
Jamal Hunter (Jacksonville State University) – 84cm
Khaliq Spicer (Kent State University) – 79cm
Derrick Williams (Park University) – 79cm 

Running vertical jump (right leg)
Khaliq Spicer (Kent State University) – 99cm
Brandon Nazione (Eastern Michigan University) – 90cm
Shane Henry (Virginia State) – 87cm 

Running vertical jump (left leg)
Shane Henry (Virginia State) – 102cm
Jamal Hunter (Jacksonville State) – 83cm
Nduka Ezeamii (Avila University) – 83cm 

20m sprint
Austin Lewis (McNeese University) – 2.86 seconds
Ikem Eriobuna (Allen University) – 2.93 seconds
Jamal Hunter (Jacksonville State) – 2.96 seconds
Imoh Silas (Siena College) – 2.96 seconds 

Agility test
Jacquez Rozier (Middle Tennessee State University) – 8.35 seconds
Brandon Nazione (Eastern Michigan University) – 8.35 seconds
Ikem Eriobuna (Allen University) – 8.44 seconds 

Repeat sprint
Khaliq Spicer (Kent State University) – 25.51 seconds
Imoh Silas (Siena College) – 25.73 seconds
Bruce Marshall (Missouri Southern State) – 25.95 seconds

3km Time Trial
John Cannon (UNC Asheville, North Carolina) – 11:24 minutes
Omari Gudul (Angelo State University, Texas) – 11:27
Jacquez Rozier (Middle Tennessee State University) – 12:11
Ikem Eriobuna (Allen University, South Carolina) – 12:17
Derrick Williams (Park University, Missouri) – 12:23

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New Zealand 2016

More than 30 athletes from around New Zealand took part in an International Combine in April 2016. The event took place at Trusts Arena in Auckland as part of an NAB AFL Academy camp.

Europe 2016

25 footballers were put through their paces at the sixth annual AFL Europe Talent Combine (listed as the 6th annual combine), held on November 11th & 12th at University College Dublin. The two dayt event was conducted by ex-AFL player Tadhg Kennelly. Two of the athletes will be invited to participate in the 2017 AFL Draft Combine in Melbourne.

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