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2014 International AFL Combine

Here is information about international Australian Football combines in 2014. These international combines use the same tests as conducted at the AFL Draft Combine.

USA Combine

This was the 3rd time the AFL has conducted a combine in the USA. Twenty athletes were invited to the three day event held in LA from April 25-27, 2014.

One standout athlete was Mason Cox, from Oklahoma State University, standing at 211.4cm, making him the tallest athlete to ever take part in the 20-year history of the AFL combine testing. (Consequently, Cox went on to be drafted by Collingwood in 2015, and played in the 2018 Grand Final).

Another highlight was in the vertical jump, 200cm prospect Justin Wesley achieved 91.4cm (36 inches) in the standing vertical jump test, the best ever combine score.

Top Participants

Mason Cox, Oklahoma State University
Joshkerma Nicholas, Alcorn State
Naofall Folahan, Wagner College
Oscar Evans, Northwestern State University  
Josh Warren, Troy University, Alabama
Justin Wesley, University of Kansas
Alex Osborne, Loyola Marymount 
Marvin Baynham, Georgia Southern
Orlando Parker, Wagner College
Jay Smith, Ohio University
Lucas Reed, University of New Mexico
Westley Hinton, Troy University, Alabama 
Drew Barham, Gonzaga University
Alexander Aurrichio, Columbia University 

Top Results of the USA AFL Combine


Mason Cox ---- 211.4cm
Joshkerma Nicholas ---- 207.6
Naofall Folahan ---- 205.7
Oscar Evans ---- 203.2
Josh Warren ----  202.5 

Absolute Vertical Jump

Justin Wesley ---- 359cm
Joshkerma Nicholas ---- 349
Naofall Folahan ---- 349
Mason Cox ---- 348
Alex Osborne ---- 344
Marvin Baynham  ---- 344

20-Meter Sprint

Justin Wesley ---- 2.81sec
Marvin Baynham ---- 2.82
Orlando Parker ---- 2.95
Jay Smith ---- 2.96
Lucas Reed ---- 2.99
Mason Cox ---- 3.00 


Marvin Baynham ---- 8.14sec
Westley Hinton ---- 8.18
Drew Barham ---- 8.29
Justin Wesley ---- 8.33
Lucas Reed ---- 8.37

Repeat Sprint

Jay Smith ---- 25.72sec
Lucas Reed ---- 27.26
Naofall Folahan ---- 27.35
Alex Osborne ---- 27.4
Drew Barham ---- 27.41
Mason Cox ---- 27.41 

Three-Kilometre Time Trial

Drew Barham ---- 10:55min
Josh Warren ---- 11:07
Alexander Aurrichio ---- 11:22
Lucas Reed ---- 11:38
Jay Smith ---- 11:51
Mason Cox ---- 11:59

European Combine

A European combine was held in Dublin in December 2014. Twenty-three athletes from Ireland, Denmark and the UK aged 16-20 were put through their paces at Dublin City University. Two of these athletes will be invited to the 2015 AFL National Combine in Melbourne in October 2015.

New Zealand Combine

A New Zealand National Combine was held on January 23rd at the ASB Indoor Stadium in Wellington. Participants in the combine were sourced from the elite of the New Zealand high performance program. Following great results from this combine, the St Kilda Football Club signed Giovanni Mountain Silbery to an AFL International Scholarship.

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