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To Walk or Not to Walk

October 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Cricket, Umpires & Referees

Walking in cricket means that you walk off the field when you know you are out, whether the umpire gives you out or not. Adam Gilchrist is a recent modern day player that was well known for walking. It was easy for him as he more often than not played well and made a good score. It must be harder for other players who are struggling to keep their place in the team, who do not want to give away their wicket unless the umpire says so. The umpires make wrong decisions sometimes, giving players out when they are not, and not giving them out when they are. Over time you would expect that this would even out, and this is one argument of some players who chose not to walk. The players need an incentive to do the right thing and walk when they think they are out. How about an annual prize for the best ‘walker’, based on point every time a player walks before being given out by the umpire, and extra credits when they walk and are subsequently found to be not out by the replays!

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