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Make Your Own Beep Test

May 14th, 2009 · Comments Off on Make Your Own Beep Test · Fitness Testing, Technology

In the past you had the option of just playing the beep test on your cd player or mp3 player. There is now a computer software program which enables you to run the test right on your PC or Laptop, with a visual display, and record results directly onto your computer in real time. The Beep Test application provides real-time on-screen display of stage numbers, distance covered and VO2max. There are many additional useful features for a team — player buttons provide one click recording of results and team/season fitness results charts — making the fitness test easy to organize and carry out.

But that is not all – as well as running the standard Beep Test, the software allows the user to design their own test using a few simple commands in a script file. This can be useful for creating intermittent recovery type fitness tests (such as the yo-yo test) or combining an activity with fitness testing or conditioning. With the simple commands of Start, Run, Rest and Repeat, all types of beep type tests can be replicated. For added flexibility the lap distance and running speeds can also be adjusted for different sports and has even been adapted for swimming.

For more info see this page about the Team Beep Test Software.

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