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Are These Sports?

July 15th, 2013 · No Comments · Sport

What is a sport? There have been a few posts on the page about the most demanding sports, suggesting that some activities such as cheerleading shouldn’t be considered a sport. I have searched for the best definition of what is a sport and have come up with these three criteria:

tenpin bowler

A sport must be:

  • a human activity involving physical skill and exertion
  • governed by a set of rules or customs
  • undertaken competitively and capable of achieving a result

Here are some activities that are often called sports, but for some people it is debatable whether they are actually sports.

What do you think? Are these sports?

billiards, bowling, cheerleading, dancing, equestrian,  figure skating, fishing, golf, horse racing, motorsports, parkour, poker, surfing, and synchronized swimming.

There is only one of these that I think is not a sport, and a couple of others that are “sometimes”. Maybe you have others that you think should or shouldn’t be classified as a sport. Let me know.


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