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Aussie Team on Tour

July 25th, 2006 · No Comments · Cycling, Major Events, Tour de France

Michael Rogers, one of two Australians who finished in the top ten of the Tour de France this week, suggested it was time for Australia to put a team on the tour.

There is a big financial hurdle to overcome, but other than that there is enough interest in Australia and certainly enough talent to put together a team.

This year was Australia’s best performance – we had two riders in the top ten, Stuart McGee and Michael Rogers, and the winner of the sprint title was Robbie McEwen also of Australia.

Getting a major sponsor must be easier knowing that a competitive team could easily be put together, and the public interest will only grow with any success.

Most Australian sports fans will follow any sport, and a winning team will bring on board everyone else. What is in it for the sponsors? They need to find someone with a lot of spare cash to throw around, or someone looking for worldwide publicity, particularly in Europe.

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