Bryant-Denny Stadium, USA

Bryant-Denny Stadium, located at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is an American Football stadium that belongs to the University of Alabama. The stadium, which was opened in 1929, was initially named as Denny Stadium in honor of the school's president George H. Denny. In 1975, the name was changed to also include the name of their longtime legendary coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.

The stadium had a capacity of just 6,000 when it was opened in 1929. After several expansions, with the latest one being completed in 2010, the stadium's current official capacity is set at 101,821. In terms of seating capacity, it is the seventh largest stadium within the United States and the eighth largest in the world.

The stadium is primarily used for playing college football games and University of Alabama Crimson Tide host all their home games in this stadium. Unlike other large college football stadiums, the attendance never exceeds the official capacity, but since its expansion in 2010, the stadium has reached its maximum official capacity 29 times. The most recent was for a game against LSU in 2015.

Besides college football games, the stadium is used bi-annually to host an Alabama High School Athletic Association state football championship tournament called the Super Six.

This stadium is on the list of the top 10 World's Largest Sporting Stadiums.


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