White City Stadium, London, England

White City Stadium was located in White City, London, England. It was built for the Summer Olympics in 1908, and after a long period of hosting a range of sporting events, was demolished in 1985.

At the Olympic Games in 1908, the stadium hosted many of the sports on the program. There was a third of a mile running track, a 660-yard (600 m) cycle track outside of that, and a 100-yard pool dug in the infield.

The stadium hosted the sports of archery, athletics, track cycling, field hockey, football, gymnastics, lacrosse, rugby union, swimming and diving, tug of war, wrestling. Significant events included the finish of the first modern marathon, the rugby union final between Australia and Great Britain, and the water polo final.

The White City Stadium during the 1908 Olympic GamesThe White City Stadium during the 1908 Olympic Games, photo published in the "Fourth Olympiad 1908 London Official Report"

Events Held at White City Stadium

Here are just some of the major events that have been held at White City Stadium:

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