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Jumping Records

World record results for the Vertical Jump Test and the athletics records for high jump, triple jump and long jump are discussed and listed elsewhere. Here are details of other non-standard jump records.

Slam Dunk Jumping

In data sourced from Wikianswers, the highest Vertical leaps were recorded by the Basketball Globetrotters Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson and Fred "Preacher" Smith, who set a new world record for the vertical jump in 1997 (which has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records) of 11 feet and 11 inches. It also states that they have both cleared 12' 2", though not in official attempts. These results are obviously not using the standard vertical jump test which measures jump height from a standing start and get measures of up to 50". These results are possibly recording how high off the ground they can reach with a jump, and probably also with a full run-up. A few of these vertical jumps are shown on the vertical leap videos.

Hurdle Jumping

The Olympic hurdle event requires the competitors to sprint and leap over hurdles 39 inches high. American Football players regular perform a drill in which they leap over a horizontal bar.

Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals, has cleared a 66 inch hurdle (that's 5 feet 6 inches) with a three-step start. Another footballer, Wyoming Cowboys safety John Wendling, has also jumped over a 66" hurdle with a 3 step approach. Not to be out done, a dude named Gray has jumped over a 67" hurdle. A few of these are shown on the vertical leaping video page.

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