What is the best Olympic medal ranking system?

olympic flameThe common method of ranking the medal success of countries at the Olympic Games, as used by the IOC, is in order of the total number of gold medals won (using the number of silver and then bronze if there is the same number of golds). Another method that is common in the US is to use the total number of medals won (total of all gold, silver and bronze medals).

Alternative methods include a weighted point system, where points are given for each of the medals, such as 3 for gold, 2 for silver and 1 point for bronze. Other methods that have been tried is ranking countries based on per-capita demographic ranking (medals in proportion to population size) and per-GDP demographic ranking (medals in proportion to gross domestic product). For more information, see this discussion about the different ranking systems. You can also vote for your preferred weighted ranking system.

Cast your vote below about which system you prefer. If you don't like any of our suggestions and you know a better system, select other and leave a comment with your suggestion. There is also an option if you think that we should not be ranking each country's performances at the Olympic Games.

What is the best Olympic medal ranking system?

Total number of gold medals won
Total number of all medals won
Weighted point system
Per-capita demographic ranking
Per-GDP demographic ranking
No Ranking System

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