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What is your favorite 2016 Olympic Games sport?

There were 28 sports at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 (2 more than in 2012)- What was your favorite? The results of this poll have been archived as there have been changes to the Olympic sports list, with an additional five sports added for 2020. You can now vote on your favorite sport from the current Olympic 33 sports list.


Out of a staggering 13,484 votes, the favorite sport was found to be equestrian with 86% of the votes, following a successful social media campaign by equestrian supporters (equestrian was also second on the least favorite sports in 2016). Judo also polled better than expected (it was equal last in 2012). Next were the traditional favorite sports of gymnastics, swimming and track and field. Another interesting observation is about the sport of triathlon, which was last on this list of favorite sports, and also last in the least favourite sports. Also see the poll on the favorite Winter Olympic Games sport.

What is your favorite Olympic Games sport?

Sport Votes Percent
equestrian 11577 86%
judo 482 4%
gymnastics 326 2%
aquatics (swimming +) 210 2%
track and field 147 1%
volleyball (indoor and beach) 73 1%
wrestling 69 1%
rugby 52 0%
cycling 42 0%
football 39 0%
golf 39 0%
basketball 36 0%
hockey 35 0%
shooting 29 0%
table tennis 28 0%
archery 25 0%
taekwondo 24 0%
fencing 23 0%
modern pentathlon 23 0%
badminton 22 0%
boxing 21 0%
rowing 21 0%
tennis 20 0%
handball 19 0%
sailing 16 0%
canoe / kayak 13 0%
weightlifting 12 0%
triathlon 8 0%
None of the Above 53 0%

Disclaimer: This poll is not scientific and reflects only the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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