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Which Olympic Event Should Be Dropped?

The Paris Olympics in 2024 will have 32 sports on the program and many more sporting events/disciplines within each sports category. Have your say below - which of these sports or events do you think should be dropped from the Olympic program? If you don't think any of these should be removed, there is the final option of 'none'. There are other sports I am sure people do not like (you can pick 'other').

In 2023 we archived a similar poll which asked you which traditional sports should be dropped. In addition to the sports and events from that poll, I have added some of the recent (and sometimes unpopular) additions to the Olympic sports program.

Which Olympic sport or event should be dropped?

Modern Pentathlon
Race Walking
Sport Climbing
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific, and only reflect the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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