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Here are some interesting gift ideas for someone who is into sports, health and fitness, including some items from the Topend Sports store. Electronic gadgets have been the go-to gift in the health and fitness space for a few years now. Smart-watches have been the recent popular choice, but there are many more electronic devices and phone Apps coming on to the market. The gift doesn't need to be a for someone else, maybe you are looking for something to motivate to achieve a certain goal, or reward yourself for a job well done.

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Smart Bluetooth Tape Measure

Smart Bluetooth Tape Measure

The Smart Bluetooth Tape Measure from Renpho is a specially designed tape measure suitable for the self-assessment of girth or circumference measurements of any body part. The compact easy to use device can connect to your mobile device and store your measurements of up to nine different body parts, so you can analyze and compare to previous measurements.

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Fitness Test CD

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Fitness Test CD


The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Fitness Test is a commonly used maximal aerobic endurance fitness test, involving running between markers placed 20 meters apart, at increasing speeds, until exhaustion. You can download an mp3.

Blaze Pods Reaction Timers

Blaze pods reflex and reaction training lights

Blaze Pods are reflex and reaction training lights that connect to your phone. Sharpen your reactions with visual cues, then test your reaction time using this device that tracks every hit or miss.

Slimguide Skinfold Calipers

Slimguide skinfold calipers

The Slimguide skinfold calipers provide a simple and affordable method for measuring body fat. Of the available calipers, the Slimguide has shown reliable and comparable results to other more expensive options. Read more about these calipers with a link to purchase from Topend Sports.

Fitness Testing T-Shirt

Topend Sports T-Shirt designs

We have a couple of Topendsports T-Shirt designs. The T-Shirts come in men's and women's. You can choose your color and size too. If you don't want a T-Shirt, there are other items on Red Bubble with the same designs, like phone and laptop covers, bags, mugs, and prints for your wall, plus much more. Check them all out on Red Bubble.

Beep Test Package

beep test package

The Beep Test Package contains two versions of the beep test audio, continuous tracks at eight different speeds, as well as an audio track with no level indicators - only the beeps! There is also an eBook Beep Test Guide, which includes a beep test specific consent form, a recording sheet to help with the scoring, plus lots of other information to help prepare, conduct and analyze your beep test. The round it off, there is an Excel spreadsheet with an off-line calculator, and tables for entering, tracking, analyzing and presenting results.

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