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Jamaican Institute of Sports (INSPORTS)

The prestigious Jamaican nstitute of Sports (INSPORTS) is a leading sports institute of Jamaica developed in 1978. It was established by the Government of Jamaica to patronize the promotion of sports at the national level.

The primary objective of the sports institute is to discover promising new talent and organize the sport in schools and communities throughout the country. That will enable the top sportsmen to gain positions in the national sport development programs to transform them into world class athletes.

This sports institute aims towards providing the resourceful infrastructure to the athletes who are interested in becoming professional sportsmen. It is situated near the National Arena. The sports complex consists of various sports facilities. For instance it specializes in providing top quality sports services to Jamaican Table Tennis and Volleyball players. The sports complex is also popular for it is state of the art Netball facility. It facilitates Special Olympics for the young Jamaican sportsmen. It is well known for its Basketball (JABA) association that is located on its second floor.

The institute of sports provides equal incentives to new sports men so that they can become the top sports personalities of Jamaican sport. It strives to provide top quality training to talented individuals.

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