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Unusual Sports Quiz

Below is a short quiz about weird and unusual sports from around the world. You will find more details about the answers in the section on the Unusual Sports.

Unusual Sports Quiz

1. The unusual Indian team sport of Kabaddi involves players doing what?
  • holding their breath
  • throwing stones
  • riding elephants

2. A Wife Carrying Festival is held annually in Finland, and requires a man to negotiate a 253.5 m course while carrying their wife on their back. The major prize is their wife's weight in ... ?

  • herring
  • beer
  • reindeer

3. Nathan's Famous Hotdog Eating Contest is held in Coney Island, New York on July 4th each year. The aim of the competition is to eat the most number of hot dogs in 10 minutes. In 2012, the winner was Joey Chestnut with 68 hotdogs. In the first competition in 1984, the winner ate how many hotdogs?

  • 12
  • 16½

4. A hybrid sport of American football and Australian rules football was created by US soldiers stationed in Australia during the world war II. What did they call it?

  • US Rules
  • AusGrid
  • Austus¬†

5. In the World Gurning Contest, contestants are required to ... ?

  • Pull a funny face
  • Crawl the length of the main street
  • Read a book backwards

6.  The national sport of Afghanistan is Buzkashi, which is similar to horse polo except what is used instead of a ball?

  • one of the competitors
  • a headless goat carcass
  • a pile of dung

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