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Topend Sports Newsletter: 6 Nov 2020

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Tracking Your Training

Hi again from the team at Topend Sports. Are you OK? How is your training going, are you reaching your goals? When you are monitoring your training, not only is physical training important, but also your mental state.

During a period of training, many athletes will experience physiological and emotional stresses which can influence how well you train, compete and recover. A training diary is a great tool to monitor your body's responses to a range of physiological and psychological parameters.

To assist you to monitor yourself, we have created a simple training diary which you can use to keep track of what you do and how you are feeling. Follow the trends in your diary to pinpoint specific markers which may correlate with unwanted stress on the body, illness and possible overtraining.

tracking fitness

Fitness Training Diary

Get your copy of our weekly fitness training diary, and print as many copies as you need. The diary includes ratings for resting heart rate, sleep, muscle soreness, energy levels plus more. There is an instruction page included in the download, to guide you on how to fill in the form.

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