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Topend Sports Newsletter: 24 June 2016

["Topend Sports"]Where is the Olympic Hype?

The Rio Olympic Games are less than 50 days away. It may surprise many people that it is so close. Looking at my stats from the last Olympics in London, this time out from the Games there was a huge spike in traffic on Topend Sports, but not yet this time. Not only do my pages about the Olympics get extra traffic, there is usually an associated increased interest in all things sport.
Why is it different this time? Maybe there has been more focus on the Zika virus and building delays, and not on the sports themselves. Hopefully this will change as it gets closer. Anyway, I've started to get excited about the upcoming Olympics. Here are a few things I'll be watching out for and looking forward to: 
  • Swimmer Michael Phelps adding to his record medal haul
  • Can Usain Bolt do the 'triple-triple'
  • Seeing how returning sports of rugby and golf are received
  • Noticing slower times as more athletes run clean
  • Sitting up throughout the night watching sport
What are some highlights you will be looking forward to?
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