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Folding Kayak Racing at the Olympics in 1936

Folding kayak racing was a competition of the kayaking discipline in which folding kayaks were used for racing. The event was a part of the Olympics in 1936 and was not held again.

The event was conducted in two separate medal classes, individual (F1) and team (F2). For both classes the race was for a distance of 10,000 meters. The folding kayaks used were much smaller in length and width when compared to regular rigid kayaks.

In the individual F1 class, Gregor Hradetzky of Austria finished with a time of 50:01.2 to take the gold medal. Henry Eberhardt of France clocked at 50:04.2 finished four seconds behind for the second place an took the silver medal. Xaver Hörmann from Germany finished third with a time of 50:06.5 to take the bronze medal.

In the F2 team class, Sven Johansson and Erik Blandström of Sweden took the gold medal with a finish time of 45:48.9. Wilhelm Horn and Erich Hanisch of Germany finished three tenth of a second behind with a time of 45:49.2 to take the silver medal. Pieter Wijdekop and Cornelis Wijdekop of the Netherlands finished third with a time of 46:12.4 to take the bronze medal.

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