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Topend Sports Newsletter: 19 May 2016

It's A Great Time To Get Fit

Welcome to another newsletter from Topend Sports. With the Olympics on the horizon there is a buzz in the air with sports and fitness. I notice a huge increase in visitors to Topend Sports when major events like the Olympics happen, and it is not just to the pages about the Olympics, it is all sports and fitness pages that get a boost. Seeing the elite sportspeople of the world perform inspires a lot of people to do exercise themselves and strive to get fitter.


If you are someone who is inspired to do more exercise, then this email should interest you, with a couple of free resources to help you along the way. Fitness author Paul Johnson has a great new book about having the right approach to building muscle, which is free to download from Amazon for only the next couple of days, so be quick. I have also included a link to my fitness tips ebook which is also free to download. It will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your journey to better fitness.


What is the Difference Between a Skinny Guy and a Buff Lad?

In one word: mindset. Of course, just having the right mindset doesn't guarantee any bodybuilding results. But not having the right mindset does guarantee that no results will come whatsoever.

And the only mindset that works in the bodybuilding world is that of a patient, calm person. Our muscles grow very slowly, and if pushed too hard (which is often the result of an impulsive decision to take up bodybuilding), they don't grow at all.

By the words of fitness author Paul Johnson, "Remember, if you're in it, you're in it for the long run".

100 Essential Fitness Tips

"100 Essential Fitness Tips" is a free 20-page ebook which covers 100 fitness tips on a wide range of health and fitness topics, for athletes of all levels.


Whether you are just beginning or an experienced gym junkie, you will be sure to find something new and interesting in this book. The aim is to help you avoid the pitfalls, while also giving you a helping hand to make your goals become a reality

Download 100 Fitness Tips
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