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Fitness Testing Newsletter: Health and Fitness Downloads

Hi and welcome to the first fitness testing newsletter for 2011.  This month I am highlighting a few of the health and fitness downloads that are available on Topend Sports.

These newsletters have been coming less often as I am now concentrating on using Facebook to update my readers of the latest in fitness testing and sport science. You can also join me by visiting the topendsports facebook page and liking it! These newsletters will still come, but less regularly.

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Beep Test Recording Sheet

This is a printable sheet for recording results when conducting a 20 multistage shuttle run test (also known as the beep or bleep test). The sheet is designed for testing a group of athletes, providing a way of keeping track of the current level, and also somewhere to record the point at which each person drops out. Go to Beep Test Recording Sheet to download and read more information more about using this download.

RPE 'Borg' Scale

The RPE Scale or Borg Scale is a common method for subjectively determining exercise intensity levels - a measure of how hard you feel your body is working. It is commonly used in some research studies, but may also be used in training programs to describe the intensity of training sessions. There are two versions available for download, one has a scale from 1-10, the other scale is from 6-20.

Health Audit Diet Checklist 

There are many healthy eating guidelines that have been published. We have incorporated one of these into an easy to follow checklist, called the Health Audit, which you can download for free. The information in this document are some general guidelines for healthy eating. If you can get close to this on a regular basis you are well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.

Food Diary Downloads

You can download a Daily Food Diary  to be used document your daily food intake. You can also download the 3-Day Food Diary which can be used for a more comprehensive analysis of your diet.

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