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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 9 July 2007

Hi and welcome to another fitness testing newsletter.

In this issue:

- Comparison of Draft Camp Testing
- New to the site
- About this Newsletter

Draft Camp Fitness Testing

Each year fitness testing is conducted as part of the annual draft process for many elite team sports. A recent addition to are details of the tests conducted for the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Australian Football League (AFL).

It is an interesting exercise to compare some of the tests that are conducted for each of these sports. Although all are team sports, there are differences in the physical demands of playing these sports, which are reflected in the tests that are conducted. A few of the differences are discussed here.

Strength and Power

A max bench press test is used in NFL, NBA and NHL testing, though the weight used differs. The age and strength level of the draft camp attendees are be a factor here, as the weight is selected in order to achieve a range of results – there would be no point having too high a weight so that no one can lift it, and vice versa too light a weight and all can do many repetitions and it becomes a test of strength endurance. All four sports utilize the vertical jump test for measuring explosive leg power. In addition, the AFL uses a sport-specific running vertical jump, and basketball uses a one step jump.


Agility is very specific to sport, and so the tests of agility that are used are also tailored to the sport. The NHL uses a few tests, including the hexagon test, the NBA uses a lane agility drill, AFL uses a test that was developed for the camp, which is a complex and specific agility test around obstacles, and the NFL uses the 3-cone drill.

Aerobic Fitness

The importance of endurance varies in each of these sports. In fact, there is no test of aerobic fitness in the NFL and NBA testing. The AFL utilizes two tests of aerobic endurance at their draft camp, the shuttle run (beep) test and the three kilometer run, while the NHL uses the more accurate VO2max Test conducted on a stationary bicycle.


Speed is an important component of fitness for all these sports. The AFL measure sprint time over 20 meters with a split times for the first 5 and 10 meters. The NFL run their sprint test over 40 yards. The NBA sprint over the distance of three quarters of the basketball court. The NHL does not have a running speed test at all, which makes sense considering that their players do not have to run at all. They use the Wingate 30 second bike test to measure anaerobic power.

for details see

New to the site

New to the Fitness Testing website is the 300 meter Run Test. This is a simple test of anaerobic capacity. This test is part of the police force testing in Idaho.

for details see

About this Newsletter

This letter is for the current Fitness testing news and latest
information, including notification of updates to the ultimate source
of all fitness testing information, 'Topendsports'. Topics covered
include methods for measuring body fat, shuttle run beep test issues,
strength and power testing and much much more.

Thank you for your continued support of my site.

Rob Wood

Rob's Home of Fitness Testing

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