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Hamstring Muscle Injuries

A common sporting injury is a pulled hamstring muscle, also called hamstring tear or strain. Such as injury is caused by over-stretching one of the three hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh, and is common in sprinting.



There are several possible causes of a hamstring injury:

Hamstring strainHamstring strain


The first and best treatment for any hamstring tear should be RICE — Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Anti-inflammatory medication is also very beneficial. After a period of RICE treatment, rest and followed by very gentle stretching and then gentle strengthening before any more vigorous treatments are undertaken. Care must be taken to avoid re-injury, as it is very common for the injury to reappear. A severe tear may require surgery.


The following steps can help ensure a hamstring injury does not occur or reoccur.

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There are many Sporting Injuries to know about, some Specific to Certain Sports. There's information about Injury Tretament, but Prevention is better, including by performing a Warm-Pp before each fitness session, which should include some Stretching.

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