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Exercise and the Brain: How Fitness Impacts Learning

There are plenty of good reasons to stay physically fit and active. Weight loss is just one of them. Apart from losing weight, exercise brings about great results in the body and many of its multiple functions. 

Regular fitness and exercise positively impact the body, making the brain function better, and aid better learning. Exercise keeps the heart-healthy and away from the risk of diabetes or any such chronic health conditions. A regular physically active person will always know the worth of fitness. 

brain exercise exercise is good for the brain

Maximizes brain performance

Simply stated, exercise fuels the brain and remodels it to increase its performance on all its fronts. It alerts the mind, develops better focus and improves one's attention span. Exercise, apart from making the body fit, keeps the brain fit too. A fit brain is much more capable of retaining information, making one sharper with time. 

It is essential to encourage young children to be physically active as that helps keep their brain functioning and adapting well to learning. There are many benefits of regular exercise for kids; enjoying playing their favorite sport each day or practicing running are fun and easy ways to exercise regularly.

Boosts thinking skills 

Just as the brain gets more active, one's thinking abilities get better. An aware and alert mind in a good state absorbs and retains information that matters. For children that attend school, the growth of the brain and its cognitive abilities are essential. 

The growth years are when kids attend classes, which is one primary reason why the curriculum includes a fair share of sports or extracurricular activities. Many schools and institutions have conducted experiments to see the change in performance, and the results are always positive and encouraging. 

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Keeps mental health in check 

A healthy mind is of utmost importance to beneficial learning. Common mental health issues like anxiety, overthinking, and depressions can lead to quality life and education. Another benefit that regular exercise brings is to help release happy hormones (Endorphins). Workouts in any form keep the body active and release happy hormones that keep the mood in check, and increases general happiness in a person. 

Children are also at risk of developing mental health disorders, and you must give enough attention to their mood and happiness levels. Kids that stay mentally well are always at a better chance of good learning and good performance. 

Good for kids with ADHD 

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is common among kids. It mainly reduces one’s attention span, making it difficult to focus on a thing for a significant time. Research shows that exercise has proven benefits for the disorder. A ADHD Diet may also help.

Physical activity like martial arts, skateboarding, or gymnastics helps keep the attention in check and helps them focus better with time. These exercises also provide an equal benefit of keeping the body active and mind smarter. 

Improves memory 

Exercise and physical activity are known to improve memory, and that makes the brain sharper. As stated above in points, good and regular exercise keeps the mind sharp. It helps a child retain information and perform better from a much younger age. 

Many kids with a poor exercise regimen and an improper diet are often faced with issues like lack of attention, low retention of information, directly impacting their education and subsequent performance at school or college. 

It is vital to get into a regular habit of physical workout as young kids and adults have significant energy levels and can further be shaped better to help them become intelligent and perform as desired in all facets of life and growth. 


Physical fitness determines good brain and mental health that is key for an overall happy life. There is enough emphasis that has been laid on the one too many benefits of regular activity. Children who get to a regular workout habit reap its benefits and develop desired skills and learning fast. A good exercise regimen is also a fun reason to get together with friends and bond over the offline world, leaving behind technology for some time.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner works for a web development agency as their lead PR campaign and copywriting manager. He is exceptional in academic writing as well and takes up freelancing assignments on a request basis from school and college students. In his free time, he loves playing baseball, swimming and doing pencil sketching.

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