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How to promote a fitness blog on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that has one of the biggest numbers of active users and it gives its users a great possibility to quickly promote and sell whatever they want: products, services, and content. Instagram is open for all types of specialists to come and manage their personal or business blog, and the niche of health and wellness is especially popular here. People daily make decisions to choose a healthier lifestyle and for that, they need support and advice.

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We decided to make this article to make fitness coaches and other specialists in the sphere of fitness aware of how they can quickly develop their page and start monetizing whatever they’re trying to sell – courses, guides, training programs and diet plans. You can promote your page using various methods, including: a chance to buy Instagram followers to build an initial base for your page’s further development; influence PR, which can be paid and free; and some free options, such as activity chats, commenting and reels. In this article we’re going to review the first two of these in detail and the rest are going to get a brief review.

Why buying followers is a good idea

Any page has to start from something – and if you don’t have any bonds on Instagram and people who post in the same sphere and can support your page, a chance to purchase viewers for your page would be the best one. This way you can build up a base of people who are going to make your page look decent – if a random user will see that your resource has several thousand subs, they aren’t going to hesitate whether they should follow you or not. But if the page is half-empty, the chances of being followed is lower. 

If you decide to turn to the paid services for help though, keep in mind that you need exclusively real subscribers who are going to be actual people with filled accounts and decent bios. Bots and fakes, which some companies that sell promotional methods claim to be “real subs”, can only harm your page and bring you to a situation where your page is going to be perceived as fake too. Instagram algorithms can see the number of interactions between the fake and the real pages very clearly, so you won’t be able to fool that system.

Influence PR 

Influence PR  works great when the base is built up. After you have purchased the subs, you can go to other fitness bloggers, coaches, and dieticians and ask for a native ad in their blogs. Here you can either look for the specialists who have approximately the same number of subscribers as you do and contact them for mutual free PR, or come to the bigger bloggers and ask for the paid PR. Both ways are nice, it depends only on the amount of effort that you’re ready to put into the process. 


Remember, you have to also feel exactly the edge where the free content ends and the paid content starts. Make sure that you’re not oversharing stuff with your audience: keep them intrigued, but leave yourself space for monetization. 

Use all the options you can for the promotion of your blog and don’t hesitate to invest in it a little bit: once you put in money you'll get the greatest payoff and amazing account growth. Good luck! 

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