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Skin Cancer Testing

Aim:  A skin cancer test can be performed as a routine physical examination using a Dermatoscope. However, for some cases wherein a cancer is suspected, a simple physical examination is not enough. It may not always tell whether a condition is benign or not.

The doctor may also advise a patient to undergo a skin biopsy. Skin Biopsy is the process of removing a tissue from the skin, which will be sent to laboratory for examination under a microscope. A Skin Biopsy is performed to detect for diseases such as cancer, psoriasis and other fungal or bacterial infections of the skin. Histopathology is the examination of a body tissue under a microscope.

Equipment required:


Procedure:  Initially, the nurse may ask the patient to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. The patient should also inform the doctor if he/she is allergic to any medicines, have bleeding problems, taking anti-inflammatory medications or if currently pregnant. The doctor will explain the procedure and will also write the name, age and gender of the patient on the specimen bottle. The doctor will administer anesthesia in the affected area. Once the patient feels numb on the affected part, the doctor will remove all or part of the area affected, will put it inside the specimen bottle with formalin and will send it to the laboratory for Histopathology test. The specimen will be examined under a microscope by a Pathologist. The result will be released based on the policy of the health facility. Usually, it will be released within 24 hours or 1-2 weeks.

Rating: The result will be explained by the physician and if there’s any remarkable findings, treatment will be discussed and implemented.

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