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There are always questions about who is a better between two athletes, and extra difficult when they are from different eras, not to mention from different sports too. In this section we put up two sports people, head to head, toe to toe, to see once and for all who should and who would win in an ultimate sporting battle.

Here we compare two athletes based on a number of factors, rated by you the website visitor (see how the winners are calculated).

For the first lot of athlete head to head battles, we will be comparing two legends of cricket and golf. To kick it off, you need to give your rating for each of these players on a range of factors. When enough ratings have been received, the results will be further analyzed.

Who would you like to see in a head to head battle? Send your suggestion.

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Head-2-Head Extra

Check out our online head to head battles of the tape between sports and between athletes.

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