India at the Winter Olympics

India is a latecomer at the Winter Games and this is not surprising since the nation has a mostly warm climate. The nation started competing at the Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria in 1964, and have been regulars since 1998.

Although the nation is massive in terms of land area and at the same time densely populated, the nation’s presence at the Olympic Games is hardly felt. The nation is also one of the countries in the world that is yet to win its first medal at the Winter Games.

At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, three Indian athletes came to the Games under the Olympic flag as Independent Athletes, due to the suspension of the country's National Olympic Committee. The Indian Olympic Association was suspended by the International Olympic Committee due to government interference in the autonomy of the country's NOC in December 2012. However, the IOC lifted the ban during the Games, and it was only luge athlete Shiva Keshavan who competed as an Independent Athlete.

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