Guide to Purchasing Tickets

There is no tougher ticket in sports than a Super Bowl ticket, and you may be looking at spending thousands of dollars to get hold of one.

Random Draw

The only method that the NFL distributes Super Bowl tickets to the public is through a random drawing. There is no other way for the general public to purchase tickets.

Entries for the random drawing are accepted between February 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the game. All ticket requests must be sent via certified or registered mail. Those selected in the random drawing will have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of two tickets.

Ticket Agents

The NFL does not sell tickets to travel or ticket agents. Any search online for 'Super Bowl Tickets' will come up with thousands of sites selling tickets, and there is no sure way of knowing which of these resellers are reputable. If you were unable to get a ticket through the random draw, and you are desperate and willing to spend a lot of money, they may be the only option available to you

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