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Wushu at the Olympic Games

Wushu is a Chinese martial art. It is both an exhibition and full-contact sport, derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu competitions are generally divided into two disciplines - taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring). More about the Sport of Wushu.

Wushu was one of eight sports being considered for a single spot in the 2020 Olympics. In May 2013 the IOC decided to drop wushu from the shortlist. Another vote to add a sport onto the 2020 Tokyo Olympic program in June 2015 found wushu short-listed with another seven sports, but again it was droppped from the list.

Previously the IOC allowed China to organize an international wushu event during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This event was not an official demonstration event nor one of the official Olympic sports - it was called the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Wushu Tournament.

Some people consider that the chance of Wushu making the Olympics is limited as there are already a few combat sports / martial arts on the program.

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