Olympic Female Marathon Winners

Below are the gold medal winners for each Olympic Games marathon for women. There is much more information about the Olympic marathon, including trivia about some of these winners and history of the marathon. See also the winners of the male race, which has been held since the first Games in 1896.

Year Athlete Country Time
2016 Jemima Sumgong Kenya 2:24:04
2012 Tiki Gelana Ethiopia 2:23:07
2008 Constantina Tomescu Romania 2:26.44
2004 Mizuki Noguchi Japan 2:26:20
2000 Naoko Takahashi Japan 2:23:14
1996 Fatuma Roba Ethiopia 2:26.05
1992 Valentina Yegorova URS 2:32:41
1988 Rosa Mota Portugal 2:25:40
1984 Joan Benoit USA 2:24:52

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