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First Olympic Gold Medal Winners from Each Country

Over 100 countries have won at least one gold medal at the Olympics. We have compiled a list of the first gold medal winners (male or female) from each country. For some countries, there were numerous gold medallists at the same Olympiad, and in these cases, we have looked closely at the events and dates and tried to determine which of the athletes won their medal first.

In Tokyo 2020, Bermuda, the Philippines, and Qatar won their first-ever Olympic gold medals.

List of First Gold Medalists for Each Country

Country Year of 1st gold Notes
Algeria 1992 Hassiba Boulmerka won gold in the womens 1,500 meters run.
Argentina 1924 The Argentinian team won the men's polo tournament
Armenia 1996 Armen Nazaryan won the men's flyweight Greco-Roman wrestling
Australia 1896 Athletics 1500 meters for men, won by Teddy Flack
Austria 1896 Swimming 500 meters Freestyle, Men, Paul Neumann
Azerbaijan 2000 Shooting Skeet, Women, Zemfira Meftəkhətddinova
Bahamas 1964 Sailing Two-Person Keelboat, Durward Knowles and Cecil Cooke
Bahrain 2012 Athletics 1,500 meters, Women, Maryam Jamal
Belarus 1996 Rowing Single Sculls, Women, Katsiaryna Khadatovich
Belgium 1900 Equestrian Jumping Individual, Aimé Haegeman
Bermuda 2021 Triathlete Flora Duffy won the women's triathlon at Tokyo 2020
Brazil 1920 Shooting Military Pistol, 30 meters, Men, Guilherme Paraense
Bulgaria 1956 Wrestling Middleweight, Freestyle, Men, Nikola Stanchev
Burundi 1996 Athletics 5,000 meters, Men, Vénuste Niyongabo
Cameroon 2000 Football , Men, Cameroon
Canada 1900 2500m Steeplechase, George Orton
Chile 2004 Tennis Doubles, Men, Fernando González and Nicolás Massú
China 1984 Shooting Free Pistol, 50 meters, Men, Xu Haifeng
Chinese Taipei 2004 Taekwondo Flyweight, Men, Chu Mu-Yen and Flyweight, Women, Chen Shih-Hsien (both finals were on at the same time)
Colombia 2000 Weightlifting Heavyweight, Women, María Isabel Urrutia
Costa Rica 1996 Swimming, women's 200 meters Freestyle, Claudia Poll
Croatia 1996 Croatia won the men's handball tournament in 1996.
Cuba 1900 Fencing Épée, Individual, Men, Ramón Fonst
Czechia 1996 Canoe Slalom Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women, Štěpánka Hilgertová
Czechoslovakia 1924 Artistic Gymnastics Rope Climbing, Men, Bedřich Šupčík
Denmark 1896 Viggo Jensen was Denmark's first Olympic champion, winning a gold medal in the two hand lift weightlifting division at the inaugural Games in 1896.
Dominican Republic 2004 Athletics 400 meters Hurdles, Men, Félix Sánchez
East Germany 1968 Athletics men's 50 km walk, Christoph Höhne
Ecuador 1996 Athletics men's 20 km walk, Jefferson Pérez
Egypt 1928 Weightlifting Light-Heavyweight, Men, Sayed Nosseir
Estonia 1920 Weightlifting Lightweight, Men, Alfred Neuland
Ethiopia 1960 The men's marathon was won by Abebe Bikila
Fiji 2016 Rugby Sevens, Men, Fiji
Finland 1908 Wrestling Light-Heavyweight, Greco-Roman, Men, Verner Weckman
France 1896 Fencing Foil, Individual, Men, Eugène Henry Gravelotte
Georgia 2004 Judo Middleweight, Men, Zurab Zviadauri
Germany 1896 Several gymnasts competed on April 9th 1986, winning gold. Individual golds were won by Hermann Weingärtner, Carl Schuhmann and Alfred Flatow
Great Britain 1896 Weightlifting Unlimited, One Hand, Men, Launceston Elliot
Greece 1896 Fencing Foil, Masters, Individual, Men, Leon Pyrgos
Grenada 2012 Athletics 400 metres, Men, Kirani James
Hong Kong 1996 Sailing Windsurfer, Women, Lee Lai Shan
Hungary 1896 Swimming 100 metres Freestyle, Men, Alfréd Hajós
India 1928 Men's Hockey (British India team)
Indonesia 1992 Badminton Singles, Women, Susi Susanti
Iran 1956 Emam Ali Habibi won gold in men's Freestyle Lightweight Wrestling (on the same evening, Gholam Reza Takhti won gold too in the Light-Heavyweight freestyle event)
Ireland 1928 Athletics Hammer Throw, Men, Pat O'Callaghan
Israel 2004 Sailing Windsurfer, Men, Gal Fridman
Italy 1900 Equestrian Jumping High Jump, Open, Gian Giorgio Trissino
Ivory Coast 2016 Taekwondo Welterweight, Men, Cheick Sallah Cissé
Jamaica 1948 Athletics 400m, Men, Arthur Wint
Japan 1928 Athletics Triple Jump, Men, Mikio Oda
Jordan 2016 Taekwondo Featherweight, Men, Ahmad Abughaush
Kazakhstan 1996 Wrestling Bantamweight, Greco-Roman, Men, Yury Melnichenko
Kenya 1968 Athletics 10,000 meters, Men, Naftali Temu
Kosovo 2016 Judoka Majlinda Kelmendi won the women's 52kg division
Kuwait 2016 Kuwait shooter Fehaid Al-Deehani won a gold medal in the men's Double Trap, though he competed as Independent Olympic Athletes under the Olympic flag due to Kuwait being suspended.
Latvia 2000 Artistic Gymnastics Floor Exercise, Men, Igors Vihrovs
Lithuania 1992 Athletics Discus Throw, Men, Romas Ubartas
Luxembourg 1900 In 1900, an athlete from Luxembourg Michel Théato won the gold in the marathon but the win has been credited to France. In 1924 Jean Jacoby won gold in the painting Olympic art competition. In 1952, Josy Barthel won Luxembourg's first-ever official Olympic gold medal in a sporting event when he narrowly won the men's 1500 meters.
Mexico 1948 Mexico's first-ever gold came in 1948 when Humberto Mariles (Equestrian) and the equestrian team of Humberto Mariles, Rubén Uriza, and Alberto Valdés both won gold medals in their events in London, England
Mongolia 2008 Judo Half-Heavyweight, Men, Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar
Morocco 1984 Athletics 400m Hurdles, Women, Nawal El-Moutawakel
Mozambique 2000 Athletics 800m, Women, Maria Mutola
Netherlands 1900 Rowing Coxed Pairs, Men, François Brandt and Roelof Klein
New Zealand 1928 New Zealander Victor Lindberg was part of the Osborne Swimming Club representing Great Britain which won gold in water polo in 1900. Competing for Australasia, New Zealander Malcolm Champion was part of the gold medal winning swimming 4 x 200 metres freestyle relay. Their first-ever Olympic gold as an independent country was in 1928 when boxer Ted Morgan took the top spot in the men's welterweight division.
Nigeria 1996 Athletics Long Jump, Women, Chioma Ajunwa
North Korea 1972 Shooting Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Open, Li Ho-Jun
Norway 1908 Shooting Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Team event, Men, Norway
Pakistan 1960 Hockey, Men, Pakistan
Panama 2008 Irving Jahir Saladino Aranda won Panama's first and only gold medal at the Olympics in the athletics' long jump event.
Philippines 2021 Hidilyn Diaz won gold in the women's 55kg weightlifting
Peru 1948 The first gold medal for Peru was won by Edwin Vásquez who won the men's 50-m pistol event.
Poland 1928 Women's discus winner, Halina Konopacka
Portugal 1984 Marathoner Carlos Lopes (1984)
Puerto Rico 2016 Puerto Rico won a gold medal with tennis player Monica Puig
Qatar 2021 Weightlifter Meso Hassona finished well clear of his rivals in the men's 96 kilograms category
Romania 1952 Shooting Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Men, Iosif Sîrbu
Russia 1908 Figure Skating Special Figures, Men, Nikolay Panin
Serbia 2012 Taekwondo Heavyweight, Women, Milica Mandić
Serbia and Montenegro 1996 Shooting Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions, 50 metres, Women, Aleksandra Ivošev
Singapore 2016 Singapore's first Olympic gold medal was won in 2016 by swimmer Joseph Schooling in the men's 100 meter butterfly, beating a trio of tied second place getters which included Michael Phelps.
Slovakia 1996 Slovakia's first-ever gold medalist was Michal Martikán who won the men's C-1 slalom event in the canoeing in 1996.
Slovenia 2000 Many Slovenians won gold while representing Yugoslavia. Competing as an independent nation, the first gold medal was won by Rajmond Debevec in the 50m 3 position Small-Bore Rifle event in 2000. The pair Luka Špik and Iztok Čop also won gold on the same day in the men's double sculls rowing event.
South Africa 1908 The winner of the men's 100 sprint , South African Reggie Walker
South Korea 1976 Wrestling Featherweight, Freestyle, Men, Yang Jeong-Mo
Soviet Union 1952 Athletics Discus Throw, Women, Nina Romashkova
Spain 1900 Basque pelota, Francisco Villota and José de Amézola
Suriname 1988 1988 Summer Olympics Swimming 100 metres Butterfly, Men, Anthony Nesty
Sweden 1900 A combined Sweden/Denmark team in the tug of war, made up of three competitors from each country, defeated the French team to win the title. It was Sweden's first Olympic gold medal.
Switzerland 1896 Artistic Gymnastics Pommelled Horse, Men, Louis Zutter
Syria 1996 Ghada Shouaa won gold in the Women's heptathlon
Tajikistan 1972 In 1972, Yury Lobanov became the first athlete from Tajikistan to win an Olympic gold medal, winning gold in the 1000 m sprint canoe event with Lithuanian Vladas Česiūnas, though they were competing for the Soviet Union. The nation of Tajikistan won Olympic gold for the first time when Dilshod Nazarov won the men's hammer throw at the 2016 Rio Games.
Thailand 1996 Boxing Featherweight, Men, Somluck Kamsing
Trinidad and Tobago 1976 The 100m sprint was won by Hasely Crawford in 1976
Tunisia 1968 Athletics 5,000 metres, Men, Mohamad Gammoudi
Türkiye 1936 Türkiye earned its first medal and gold medal at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games thru Yasar Erkan who wrested the top position in the men's Greco-Roman featherweight category.
Uganda 1972 John Akii-Bua captured the nation's first-ever gold medal when he won the men's 400-meter hurdles event in athletics at the 1972 Munich Games.
Ukraine 1996 Of the many gold emdals won by Ukraine in 1996, the first is believed to be by V'iacheslav Oliynyk in the Light-Heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestling.
United Arab Emirates 2004 UAE won their first medal, a gold won by by Ahmed Al Maktoum, at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece in men's double trap shooting.
United States 1896 The men's triple jump, won by James B. Connolly. The first gold medal at the modern Games for any country.
Uruguay 1924 Uruguay's gold medal in football in 1924 Paris Olympics is the nation's first.
Uzbekistan 2000 The nation's first gold medal was earned by Mahammatkodir Abdoollayev who went undefeated in the men's lightweight category in boxing at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games.  Uzbek athletes may have won medals previously when competing as part of the Soviet Union from 1952 to 1988.
Venezuela 1968 Francisco Rodríguez won the men's light flyweight category in boxing at the 1968 Mexico City Games.
Vietnam 2016 Shooter Hoàng Xuân Vinh won gold medal in the men's 10m air pistol event.
West Germany 1968 Athletics Pentathlon, Women, Ingrid Becker
Yugoslavia 1924 Artistic Gymnastics Individual All-Around, Men, Leon Štukelj
Zimbabwe 1980 The 1980 women's hockey tournament in Moscow was won by Zimbabwe.

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