Heat Acclimatization in Beijing

The Climate

Beijing's climate is defined as "continental monsoon", with the four seasons distinctly recognizable. Spring and autumn is the best time to be in Beijing, particularly in the months of April, May, September and October. Autumn is considered to be the best time to visit Beijing as the skies are clear and the weather is very comfortable. In August, when the Olympics will be held, the average daily temperature high is 24.4 degrees Celsius.

Problems for the Athletes

While most of the talk has been about the problem of pollution, it is the high heat and humidity that will pose great problems for the participating athletes, particularly when combined with the pollution.

These condition will have the greatest effect the endurance athletes such as the marathon runners and road cyclists. Athletes will need to undergo periods of acclimatization, to become accustomed to the environmental conditions before their event, particularly those athletes from a more temperate climate.

While it may be best in terms of acclimatizing to arriving in Beijing well before their events, because of the pollution problem they would be better off acclimatizing elsewhere in a similar climate which does not have air quality issues, then coming to Beijing closer to their event date.

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