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Slovakia at the Olympics

The small European nation of Slovakia competed in the Summer Olympic Games as part of Hungary from 1896 up to 1912. The nation then became part of Czechoslovakia when it competed in the Olympics from 1920 up to 1992. The dissolution of Czechoslovakia occurred on January 1, 1993 into the Czechia and Slovakia. This paved the way for the participation of a new nation, that is, Slovakia in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games.

Slovakia’s National Olympic Committee was established in 1992 and was recognized one year later. The nation is a force to reckon with in canoeing as the majority of the medals it won in the Olympics came from this grueling sport.

Slovakia reaped success in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games. Competing for sixth straight times at the Games since obtaining independence from former Czechoslovakia, the nation romped away with two gold and 2 silver medals. The team of Ladislav Škantár and Peter Škantár captured the men's slalom C-2 event in the canoeing competition and eight days later the country nailed its second gold medal in the Games as Matej Tóth cornered the men's 50 km walk event in the athletics competition. The two silver medals won by the nation came from canoeing.

Slovakia’s first-ever gold medalist was Michal Martikán who won the men's C-1 slalom event in the canoeing in 1996.

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