Monaco at the Olympics

Monaco made their Olympic debut in 1920 when they sent Émile Barral, Edmond Médecin, Joseph Crovetto, and Michel Porasso to Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, Monaco has missed only three of the Summer Games, in 1932, 1956 and when they also participated in the US-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Games.

Since 1984, Monaco has never missed any of the Summer Games. With all of the participation Monaco has had in the Summer Games, they are still unable to win their first Olympic medal making them the only country with that many appearances without winning a single Olympic medal. However, a Monegasque architect Julien Médecin won a bronze medal for architecture at the 1924 Olympics Art Competition (these medals are no longer recognized as official by the IOC).

For the Winter Games, Monaco made their debut in 1984 by sending alpine skier David Lajoux to Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Since 1984, they have never missed a single Winter Games but like in the Summer Games, they are yet to win their first ever Olympic medal from the Winter Olympics.


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