Liechtenstein at the Olympics

The Principality of Liechtenstein formed the Liechtenstein Olympic Committee in 1935 and had it officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee in the same year. The following year, they made their debut in both the Summer (Berlin, Germany) and the Winter (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany) Games.

Xaver Frick, one of the first members of their Olympic committee is also the only Liechtenstein Olympian who has competed in both the Summer and the Winter Games. Since their debut in the Summer Games, they have only missed it twice (1956 and 1980).

They also have never won a single Olympic medal in the Summer Games but they have done relatively well in the Winter Games.

In 1976, alpine skiers Willi Frommelt and Hanni Wenzel won the bronze in the men's and women's slalom respectively in Innsbruck, Austria. In Lake Placid, New York, USA, Liechtenstein got a taste of their first ever Olympic gold. Alpine skier Hanni Wenzel came back to the Olympics and won the gold in both the women's giant slalom and women's slalom as well as the silver in women's downhill. Another alpine skier Andreas Wenzel also won the silver in men's giant slalom. That is their best performance in the Winter Games to date.


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