Guam at the Olympics

Guam's National Olympic Committee was established in 1976 but was not recognized until 1986 by the International Olympic Committee. In 1988, they made their Olympic debut by sending athletes to participate in three sports, athletics, swimming and wrestling. Most of them were not able to advance and the marathon runners were not able to get a rank below the 43rd mark.

The next Summer Games which was held in Barcelona, Spain (1992), they sent their biggest contingent yet that consisted of twenty two athletes for archery, athletics, cycling, sailing, swimming and wrestling. The result however was not that much different. From that point on, Guam has never sent more than eight athletes to the Summer Olympics. Since their debut in 1988, Guam has never missed the Summer Games. Since their debut in 1988, their first Olympic medal has so far eluded Guam.

Guam also sent a delegation to the 1988 Winter Games. Michigan-born Judd Bankert was Guam's sole representative in the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He only managed to snag a 71st place finish with a total time of 45:37.1 for the sprint in biathlon. Guam has never participated in the Winter Games after that.


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