Djibouti at the Olympics

Officially referred to as the Republic of Djibouti, this small African nation has established its national Olympic committee (Comité National Olympique Djiboutien) in 1983 and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee the very next year just in time for them to participate in the Summer Games which held in Los Angeles, California, USA.

That year, they sent three marathon runners (Djama Robleh, Ahmed Salah, and Omar Abdillahi Charmarke) but no medals yet. The next Summer Games however is a completely different story. In 1988, Ahmed Salah went back along with four more runners (Hoche Yaya Aden, Ismael Hassan, Talal Omar Abdillahi and Omar Moussa) and one athlete for sailing (Robleh Ali Adou). Salah became Djibouti's first ever Olympic medalist when he took the bronze in men's marathon in October 2, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea.

Since their debut in the Summer Games, Djibouti has only missed one outing (2004 Athens Games). As with many African nations, Djibouti has never participated in the Winter Olympics.



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