Cape Verde at the Olympics

Cape Verde's National Olympic Committee is called Comité Olímpico Caboverdeano and it was established in 1989. It was not until 1993 that they were finally recognized by the International Olympic Committee. They then participated in the very next Summer Games which was in 1996.

In 1996, Cape Verde sent a four-athlete delegation to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Male runners Alfayaya Embalo, Henry Andrade and António Zeferino and female runner Isménia do Frederico represented Cape Verde in athletics. Of the four, only António Zeferino was able to advance but did not place higher than 94th in ranking. The 1996 Summer Olympic Team was the biggest delegation that Cape Verde has ever sent to the Summer Games to date.

Since their debut, Cape Verde is yet to win a single Olympic medal. They are also yet to participate in the Winter Games either.


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