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American Samoa at the Olympics

American Samoa is a relatively small country and is considered as an unincorporated United States territory. But they have been participating in the Summer Olympics since 1988. Their first-ever delegation consisted of Gary Fanelli (marathon), boxers Maselino Masoe (Welterweight) and Mika Masoe (Light Heavyweight), weightlifters Lopesi Faagu (Light-heavyweight) and Tauama Timoti (Heavyweight), and wrestler Alesana Sione (100 kgs.).

American Samoa are yet to miss a single Summer Games since the 1988 Seoul Olympics but are also yet to win a medal. While American Samoa is a Pacific country, it has competed in the Winter Olympics and is one of the few South Pacific territories that has ever done so.

In 1994, they sent two athletes to Lillehammer, Norway. For the Winter Olympics, Faauuga Tia Muagututia and Brad Kiltz represented the country in the two-man bobsleigh placing 39th overall.

American Samoa if not a large country, and like most countries of the same size in the region, they do not have a lot of resources allocated for the advancement of their Olympic athletes but that is not to say that they are not trying. Their athletes are slowly making progress and it is too far-fetched to think that American Samoa will soon produce an Olympic medalist.

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