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UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is relatively newly-founded competition between 55 European nations competing in four leagues. The 55 teams are split into four leagues based on their UEFA ranking. Each league will be split again into four groups of either three or four teams. The winners of each of the four groups in League A will qualify for the Final Four competition, the winner crowned the Nations League champion.

The competition was created to try and improve the quality of international football, and reduce the number of meaningless friendlies, providing some excitement to country clashes. After each tournament cycle, four teams will be promoted and four teams relegated. The final will occur in odd years, meaning it is held in years when there isn't a World Cup or European Championships.

The inaugural league matches were held from September to November 2018, with the finals from June 5 to 9, 2019. The final was won by Portugal, beating The Netherlands 1-0. The second tournament began in 2020, with the final played in Italy on Oct 10, 2021. France defeated Spain 2-1 in the final.

League A for 2023

Group 1: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium
Group 2: Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany
Group 3: England, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia
Group 4: Wales, Austria, Czechia, Hungary

League A for 2021

Group 1: Portugal, Netherlands, England, Switzerland
Group 2: Belgium, France, Spain, Italy
Group 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden
Group 4: Croatia, Poland, Germany, Iceland

League A for 2019

Group 1: Germany, France, Netherlands
Group 2: Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland
Group 3: Portugal, Italy, Poland
Group 4: Spain, England, Croatia

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