Rugby League World Cup

The Rugby League World Cup is an international rugby league tournament, played between national teams of the Rugby League International Federation. The first ever Rugby League World Cup was held in 1954 in France, although there had been ideas for a rugby league world cup tournament since the 1930s.

There have been fourteen tournaments throughout the Cup with two to eight years of intervals. Only three nations have won the tournament—Australia (ten times), Great Britain (three times) and New Zealand (once).

The Great Britain team has been split into teams from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales since 1995, while England and Wales had previously competed as separate teams in the 1975 World Cup.

During the 1975 competition, the organizers decided to play matches on a home and away basis around the world, instead of in any one host nation.

The original Rugby League World Cup trophy was worth eight million francs. But the trophy was stolen six days just before the finals, 1st November 1970, until 20 years later that somebody found it in rubbish in Bradford. Since there was no trophy to present in 1970, several other trophies were used from 1972 until 1995.

The Rugby League International Federation has also organized tournaments for women, students and other categories since 2000.

The 2013 Rugby League World Cup was held in England, France, Ireland and Wales and won by Australia.


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